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Colour matters!

Thanks to the prevailing aluminium, our products are available in the full RAL palette. Choose a perfect colour for yourself!

Did you know that colours influence human emotions, decisions and even physiological reactions? Some colours cause an increased blood pressure, metabolism or sight fatigue. It is nothing new that colours are a powerful communication tool. Our preferences related to colours derive from psychology and have a significant impact on the goods we buy and the way we shape our environment.

No matter which colours you choose, one thing is certain: we will adapt to you!

Obviously, we should remember that our colour-related feelings are often rooted in personal experiences and culture. For example, in many western countries the white colour stands for purity and innocence, while in the eastern countries it symbolises mourning.

Even if our colour perception is subjective, there are some colour effects that are universal in meaning. The colours in the red part of the spectrum cause emotions, from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility. The colours located in the blue part of the spectrum are often considered to be calm, they bring the feeling of melancholy or even sadness.

Colours used in the interior can affect you in an active, passive or neutral way. Bright colours are expansive and spacious, so the room seems bigger and brighter. Dark colours bring the sensation of cosiness and make large rooms look more intimate. No matter which colours you choose, one thing is certain: we will adapt to you!

Thanks to the prevailing aluminium (one of the lightest and most durable materials) our products are available in the full RAL palette and in selected anodised colours.

We use powder coating for colouration. To make it simple, it consists in applying electrified paint particles on an aluminium surface. Then the powder is melted and polymerised under the influence of temperature. A coating formed this way is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperature and mechanical damage, and the whole process does not emit any solvents or diluents.

See the full range of colours and choose the one you like!