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What do I need a trickle vent for?

What is ventilation and why is it so important to our health and well-being?

Modern window systems are not only good-looking architectural components, they also stand for considerable energy savings, less money spent and less CO2 in the atmosphere. If you care for the environment, you should also think about what is happening inside, as when installing new, tight windows you can accidentally shut off the inflow of fresh air and prevent the operation of your ventilation system.

Operating diagram of passive stack and mechanical extract ventilation system

How to avoid it?

Let’s start with theory. To make it simple, ventilation means the circulation of air between the room and the environment. The air in the room wears out by changing its composition. The oxygen content is gradually reduced, and the volumes of carbon dioxide and other gases increase. Ventilation is supposed to exchange that worn air for fresh air.

In Polish houses, most often we install mechanical extract or passive stack ventilation systems, which operate based on the difference between densities of warm and cold air. The warm air inside the room is lighter, so its density is lower than the density of cold air outside. Since the colder and heavier air displaces warm air, the latter rises and flows out through exhaust grilles to vent stacks. Therefore, passive stack ventilation works if there is a continuous inflow of air from the outside.

What happens if I eliminate all openings and shut off air inflow while sealing my house?

The ventilation system will stop working properly. This often causes the reversal of draught in air exhaust ducts or even the reversal of flue gas flow in the flue gas duct, which may cause deadly poisoning with carbon oxide. This goes together with excessive moistness in the house, which in turn leads to the formation of mould and fungi that promote allergy and respiratory diseases.

How to prevent it?

You cannot just dispense with ventilation. The air is a basic environmental element for humans; you must breathe to stay alive. The inflow of fresh air is essential for the biological development, health and well-being of all household members. If you decide to apply tight joinery, you should also provide a solution that will ensure a controlled inflow of fresh air when the windows are closed.

This is guaranteed by automatic trickle vents: small and simple devices that allow fresh air to “trickle” into the room and ensure proper operation of your ventilation system.