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Insolio filters

Three types of replaceable filters,
including active carbon filter. Anti-smog
and anti-allergic. Select a filter for yourself!



Each Insolio trickle vent is supplied with the basic, progressive design filter as a standard. “Progressive” means that the layers of polyester fibres with various thickness are arranged so that the density of the filter increases in the air flow direction. Such filter removes up to 85% of PM10 and up to 30% of PM2.5 as well as more than 99% allergens of the most common size. All Insolio filters are compatible with Insolio F and Insolio NDF trickle vents.

We care for the environment Cardboard frame used in the filter design is made of recycled materials.

­Presenting two new air filters. Designed and improved for even better protection against smog, allergens and harmful substances.


CARBON filter



Carbon filter with active carbon protects your home not only against air pollution, but also against unwanted smells that can be really annoying. In particular, when you are surrounded by buildings which use solid fuels for heating or by roads with dense traffic. Carbon fibre removes up to 45% of PM2.5 and up to 98% of PM10. Moreover, it removes allergens from the supply air.

Why active carbon?

With its porous structure, active carbon has great surface area in relation to a very small unit weight. That is why it efficiently absorbs other chemicals, e.g. unwanted smells. The unique properties of active carbon enable it both to absorb and attract harmful substances, allowing them to stick.

SELECT filter



Frilly design makes it possible to achieve several times larger filtration surface, ensuring efficient protection and high air flow. Up to 30m3/h at 20 Pa! This is the most advanced filter for trickle vents. It removes up to 80% of PM2.5 and up to 99% of PM10, and that’s not all! Frilly filter limits the inflow of harmful dusts and particles as well as bacteria, spores and pollens.

And what about replacing the filter? There is nothing easier! Press the lever, remove the cassette, discard the old filter and insert a new one – then place the cassette in place and click! Ready, and you can breathe in fresh air.You don’t need to remove the entire unit or use any tools – it is the most intuitive solution up to date. Everything will take you just a minute.

Air filter should be replaced at least twice a year – preferably before the start and after the end of a heating season.


  • filtr antysmogowy


  • Obszar roboczy 8


  • Obszar roboczy 7


Technical specifications

  • STANDARD filter

  • Filtration
  • up to 85% PM10
    up to do 30% PM2.5
  • CARBON filter
  • Filtration
  • up to 98% PM10
    up to 45% PM2.5
  • SELECT filter
  • Filtration
  • up to 99% PM10
    up to 80% PM2.5

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