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Puro E

Acoustic attenuation up to 57 dB,
high flow and state-of-the-art design.
Meet Puro.

A breakthrough combination of excellent acoustics and outstanding capacity in a brand- new solution. Here comes a splay trickle vent designed for those who expect uncompromising top performance.

Puro is perfect for effective sound attenuation while maintaining a high air flow. It is also entirely invisible on the building’s façade and almost imperceptible inside due to the hidden air intake and low-profile form of the controller.

Meet Puro

Puro’s precise automation provides for extremely beneficial flow characteristics. The air stream remains constant even at a high differential pressure, regardless of weather conditions. The device maintains a constant flow of 30 m3/h at a pressure of only 10 Pa, ensuring efficient operation of the ventilation system. The sole aim is to help you breathe easier, and better!

Attenuation of 57 decibels – this stands for silence

In designing a silencer, we fully used our know-how, thus enabling Puro to obtain acoustic attenuation of 57 dB. The implication is that the device has virtually no impact on the insulating power of external partitions, almost as if it was not there at all. Due to a hand-selected combination of materials, the silencer has optimum performance across all sound ranges, including low-, mid- and high-frequency sounds.

More benefits in every direction

The state-of-the-art controller of the Puro trickle vent uses an original diffuser, which provides for a more ergonomic distribution of the air stream. The diffuser makes air move in four different directions, ensuring user comfort even at negative temperatures outside the building.


The controller panel smoothly changes its position under slight pressure, thus reducing or increasing the inflowing air stream. In consequence, you fully control the operation of each device in every room, whether it is the kitchen, living room or kids’ room.

Easy on the ear and pleasing to the eye

A low-profile form, noble materials. Our approach to the form of our ventilation devices is as uncompromising as the one we take to the technology employed therein. That is why we have developed Puro, integrating cutting-edge design in its every visible component.

You may customise your trickle vent by selecting the colour of the air intake inlet. There is a whole lot of options available, 213 colours in the basic RAL palette, to be precise.

  • tlumik akustyczny

    Acoustic attenuation
    up to 57 dB

  • High

  • Splay
    trickle vent

  • nowoczesne wzornictwo


Air intake inlet

Technical specifications

  • Nominal flow ∆p = 10 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 29,6 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 8,2 m3/h
  • Nominal flow ∆p = 20 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 40,9 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 11,4 m3/h
  • Acoustic insulation

  • trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 53 (-1,-5) dB
    trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 57 (-2,-6) dB
  • Control

    automated with pressure difference, manual control with a manual closure option

  • Resistance to penetration by rainwater

    600 Pa

  • Materials

    Aluminium, ABS/ASA, MDF

  • Range of application

    wall-mounted splay trickle vent

  • Distance of the wall duct axis to air intake surface

    160 – 215 mm

  • Colour packages

  • Standard

  • controller: RAL 9003 MAT
    air intake: RAL 9016,
    white trim
  • Custom

  • controller: RAL 9003 MAT
    air intake: any RAL,
    black trim


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