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Insolio F

Replaceable anti-pollution and anti-allergic filter protects your home against the most hazardous factors.

Anti-smog and anti-allergic filter stops up to 99% of PM10 and up to 80% of PM2.5, while providing the interior with an optimum volume of air.

Insolio F provides you not only with smog protection. The filter also prevents inflow of particles larger than 0,5 micrometers, such as carbon dust, pollens or even mites and larger bacteria. Modular cassette construction enables fast replacement of a worn-out filter.


The Insolio range was designed so as to avoid milling slits when installing the trickle vent. This was solved by placing a flexible pass-through duct between the upper part of the window frame and the lintel. Easier installation, better effects! Why is that? Window maintains its declared thermal and acoustic performance. 

Precise, quiet and automated control with the pressure difference allows passage of only the required volume of air. Thus, heat losses from your home are avoided and you save money.

Frost-resistant controller ensures effective thermal insulation. Surface of the trickle vent remains dry, even if there is big freeze. Use of an expanded polypropylene for the pass-through duct construction prevents the lintel from cooling down and ensures good insulation properties, even in the standard version of the trickle vent.


A precisely crafted aluminium body combined with a high-quality copolymer create a base for almost infinite personalization options. Choose any color from the RAL palette and create your unique Insolio!

Straight lines and gentle curves are a natural fit for modern and minimalistic architecture. Technical components are hidden in the pure shape. Most of the construction is hidden between plaster and wall insulation, which makes the air intake and the trickle vent more discrete than ever. The extensible through channel allows a perfect fit to the width of the window frame from 70 to 83 mm.

Pssst! Insolio is among finalists in the “Good Design” competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw

Functional modules make it possible to adapt the trickle vent to your current needs without replacing the entire device. Simply replace the cassette!

  • filtr antysmogowy

    Anti-pollution and
    anti-allergic filter

  • prosty montaz

    Simple installation
    without milling slits

  • nowoczesne wzornictwo


  • wymienna kaseta

    Functional cassettes

Insolio F

Flow characteristic Insolio F
Obszar roboczy 86
Trickle vent
Obszar roboczy 22
Air intake
Obszar roboczy 58

Technical specifications

  • Nominal flow ∆p = 10 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 21,2 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 6,0 m3/h
  • Nominal flow ∆p = 20 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 32,2 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 8,9 m3/h
  • Acoustic insulation

  • trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 41 (-1; -3) dB
    trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 42 (-1; -3) dB
  • Filtration

    up to 99% PM10
    up to 80% PM2.5

  • Control

    automated with pressure difference,

  • Resistance to penetration by rainwater

    600 Pa

  • Resistance to condensation

    RH = 75% at Tout./Tin. = -20°C / +20°C

  • Materials

    Aluminium, ABS/ASA, EPP

  • Range of application

    wood window framing, PVC,
    aluminium window framing

  • Available colors

  • Standard

  • body: RAL 9016
    ends: white,
    trickle vent’s edge: black
  • Custom

  • body: any RAL
    ends: black,
    trickle vent’s edge: black


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