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Ventair Higroster Akustik

Profiled, two-stage damper ensures acoustic attenuation up to 43 dB while maintaining the rated flow of 28,4 m3/h.

Two stage acoustic attenuator of the Akustik air intake combined with Higroster controller effectively muffles sounds up to 43 dB while maintaining the nominal air flow of 28,4 m3/h.

Akustik Higroster is a two stage trickle vent controlled with both pressure difference and air humidity. Before the controlled air flow reaches your interiors, it first passes through a pressure controlled air intake and then through a humidity-controlled throttle. Throttle lever enables also manual control.

Listen to the silence

Acoustic air intake designed to be virtually noiseless. It muffles almost all external noise, letting only the air in, much more air. To achieve this result we had to use every inch inside the Akustik air intake. We designed an attenuator with a precise profile, which perfectly fits the aluminium housing.

Less is more

A unique combination of high flow and perfect acoustic attenuation makes it possible to use less trickle vents, while maintaining optimum operation of the ventilation. Less trickle vents means better acoustic attenuation and higher savings. That’s simple!

  • tlumik akustyczny

    Acoustic attenuation
    up to 43 dB when open

  • Obszar roboczy 123

    nominal flow

  • automatyczne sterowanie roznica cisnien

    Automated pressure
    difference control

  • higrosterowanie

    Trickle vent
    with humidity control

Ventair Higroster Akustik

Flow characteristic Ventair Higroster Akustik 1
Flow characteristic ventair higroster akustik
Trickle vent
Obszar roboczy 72
Air intake
Obszar roboczy 73
[EN] Przekrój
Obszar roboczy 93

Technical specifications

  • Nominal flow ∆p = 10 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 28,4 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 7,1 m3/h
  • Nominal flow ∆p = 20 Pa

  • trickle vent open: 41,4 m3/h
    trickle vent closed: 10,1 m3/h
  • Acoustic insulation

    (air intake placed 15 mm in the insulation layer)

  • trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 43 (0; -2) dB
    trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 44 (-1; -3) dB
  • Acoustic insulation

  • trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 43 (-1; -3) dB
    trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 43 (-1; -2) dB
  • Control

    two stage automated with air humidity
    and pressure difference, manual

  • Resistance to penetration by rainwater

    450 Pa

  • Resistance to condensation

    RH = 39% at Tout./Tin. = -20°C / +20°C

  • Materials

    Aluminium, ABS/ASA

  • Range of application

    wood window framing, PVC

  • Available colors

  • Standard

  • air intake: RAL 9016
    trickle vent: RAL 9016,
    7016, 8003, 8017
  • *ends for the body RAL 9016 – white,
    others – black
  • Custom

  • body: any RAL,
    ends: black


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