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Window-integrated trickle vent

We present Insolio: an innovative trickle vent installed between the top frame part and the head. No slot milling. No interference in window structure.

From the very beginning, our goal was to create an trickle vent that does not require slot milling during installation. It works together with the window but does not affect its parameters. It is also a versatile solution which allows for a quick modification of functions and a simple customisation. Insolio is an implementation of our vision. It is the first trickle vent integrated with the window.

From its discrete air intake and innovative through channel to the modern controller line, each component of Insolio is designed to provide you with a complete product that is incomparable to any other trickle vent


The main body is made entirely of expanded polypropylene (EPP), an innovative material that that we know, for example, from the automotive sector, and which has been used for the first time in an trickle vent. With its unique thermal properties, the polypropylene body complements the insulation layer, thus improving its parameters even more, and at the same time protects the head against freezing due to the flow of cool air.

Owing to the closed pores, the expanded polypropylene does not absorb moisture. Its porous structure also ensures a very high strength and elasticity. The flexible channel makes up for window motions due to changing temperature and then returns to its original shape. Due to its softness and curvature, EPP is highly capable to absorb airborne sound. The sound is reflected and partially absorbed already in the channel.

Designed using a durable glass-fibre reinforced composite, the steering panel is very stiff. Material extrusion provides it with excellent technical parameters, and the hollow profile and thin walls effectively prevent the panel from freezing.


To be able to easily fit Insolio between the upper part of window frame and the head, the through channel is designed so that its height does not exceed 26 mm. With 10 mm insulation and as much as 12 mm of height for the air flow, the device is very efficient and has excellent acoustic parameters.


Insolio gives you a complete freedom of choice. The cassette replacement is so intuitive that you can easily do it yourself; with just one click, you can change the trickle vent’s function into the one you need right now.

Supplied with an anti-smog and anti-allergic filter, the cassettes filter 100% of the air entering the room along with the harmful particulates, allergens and mites.

Filtration stands for clean air and clean house. The filter arrests any particles bigger than 0,5 μm, also the ones accumulating on such components as the lining. More information about the functional cassettes is available in Products section.


The internal governor located in Insolio’s controller is designed to completely eliminate condensation. Its precisely developed structure uses the aerodynamic effects that, combined with an appropriate insulation, prevent Insolio from freezing even in case of the largest temperature differences.

The profiled air outlet optimally uses the Coanda effect. In consequence, the flow is directed by the head surface, and the air is distributed in the room more evenly.

Insolio’s “hidden” air intake faces the insulation material, which allows you to settle the window casing deeper in the insulation layer and improves thermal and acoustic properties of the window. Thanks to even surfaces of both components, the angle between them is 0º, and the EPP layer forms a simple benchmark and facilitates uniform plastering.