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Installing the trickle vent

How to effectively install a slot trickle vent so that it operates properly?

A window trickle vent will operate properly only if it is correctly installed on the joinery.

For the purposes of thermal comfort and appropriate direction of the air stream, the device should be mounted in the upper part of the window, on the sash frame or case profile.

Installation of Ventair Higroster trickle vent with Urbino air intake at PVC window rebates

To obtain the flow characteristics declared by the manufacturer, it is crucial to make an appropriate through slot. It should be longitudinal, approx. 300–400 mm in length and approx. 9–16 mm in height (depending on the model) and have two overlaps if installed on a rebate. Please note that the slot should be made as per the recommendations stated in the trickle vent’s Technical Approval, so to maintain its technical parameters.

An error that may reduce the nominal air flow through the trickle vent by even 50% is if you mount it on through holes drilled to form a row. In PVC windows, trickle vents are often installed at rebates. In this case, the controller (interior part of diffuser) is located at the rebate of sash frame profile, and the intake vent (exterior part of diffuser) is at the rebate of case frame profile.

In practice, on the rebate of some windows you can make a slot being 10 mm high, which is a certain limitation due to recommendations set out in technical approvals. For wooden windows, trickle vents are mounted on the case frame profile or sash frame profile by creating an appropriate through slot. In the former case, you must check if the controller can squeeze between the window sash and lining. In the latter case, a structural restriction may be caused by the recommended height of the through slot.

Obviously, you don’t need to do it by yourself. To make sure that the device is properly installed, use the services of an authorised installer from Brevis. We operate in all parts of Poland!

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